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50% Metaldehyde WP

eatures: 50% Metaldehyde WP has the functions of stomach poisoning and contact killing for controlling snails and cockroaches. It has low toxicity to humans and animals, low toxicity to fish, low dosage of this medicine, safe and convenient use, does not affect the normal growth of crops, and has crops. It can be used to prevent aquatic snails, dry land snails and cockroaches in cotton, rice, wheat, corn, vegetables, orchards, tobacco, green seedlings, ditch, rivers and lakes.
The main function of this drug is to release a large amount of acetylcholinesterase in the worm, destroy the special mucus in the worm, and finally the nerve numb is dehydrated and died.
Active ingredients: Metaldehyde
and dosage:
1. Rice: Use this product within one day after transplanting, apply 25-75 grams per 667sqm, spray on rice fields, and the water layer should be 3-4 cm for 3-7 days.
2, the use of vegetables, cotton, tobacco, the same as above, should be evenly sprayed, so that cockroaches and snails are more likely to contact the drug. Seedlings: Apply after seeding. Transplanted field: Apply after transplanting.
3, tobacco, cotton (for seedlings): Immediately after the crop is transplanted, spray some of the base of the crop to achieve the desired effect.
The best
time to use this pesticide :
1. There are dew, foggy mornings or sunsets until dark, snails are active, and the application is best when the head is exposed.
2. When spraying, pay attention to the back of the leaves and the middle and lower parts of the plants to be sprayed.
3. Because the snail has the characteristics of concealment and immigration, it is possible to determine whether it is necessary to chase it once.
Precautions: 0.5kg/bag, 0.25kg/bag, packed in composite foil pouch.
10kg/carton, carton for domestic use.
25kg/bag; 35kg/barrel, for export.
This product should be stored in a cool, dry, ventilated place.
Precautions: 1. After using this pesticide, do not trample in the field.
2. In case of low temperature (less than 15 °C) or high temperature (above 35 °C), the efficacy of the snail will be weakened, so the efficacy will be affected.
3. In the event of heavy rain after application, the agent will be diluted to reduce the efficacy of the drug.
4. This product should be stored in a cool dry place.
5. Storage and use of this pesticide should be kept away from food, beverages, and children and livestock should not enter the storage area.
6. After using this agent, apply soap to wash hands and skin that has been exposed to the drug.
7, if accidentally, do not induce vomiting, immediately sent to the hospital for treatment.


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